Capstone project

Kenon Owens' amazing program and plotter

I designed, built, tested, and presented a "Flat-Bed Plotter." I designed a computer program that allows an operator to either draw a picture, or have a picture randomly drawn which may then be edited to his liking. The picture can have either lines, circles, or squares, or any combination of the three. I also designed and built the "Flat-Bed Plotter" which takes the drawn image on the computer, and draws it on a piece of paper. The "Flat-Bed Plotter" is on a 16" x 16" base. It has a maximum height of 11-1/2", at the Y-axis supports. The actual writing area is a 4.5"x4.5" square. The project is mostly made of acrylic, with the remaining pieces made of steel. The threadstock is 1/2" NF (20 threads per inch). The two motors are Superior Electric Stepper Motors #M061-FD-6002. The wire coil is magnetic wire approximately 150' wrapped in a clockwise fashion to get the proper magnetic field.