Masters Thesis

A Program proposal to improve the intra-hospital transportation service at Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield

Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield has a problem; long wait times for patients being transported within the hospital. There are many risks associated with intra-hospital transportation including physiologic changes, equipment changes and staffing changes. Long turn-around times can make this problem even worse. This may cause a life-threatening issue or negatively affect the patients’ perception of the hospital. To solve the problem it is proposed that Mercy utilize Transformational Care tools and principles, i.e. Lean. Using this suggestion, the researcher has identified many issues as to why Mercy Hospital’s intra-hospital transportation system has an average turn-around time of 33 minutes. They are; patient is eating or showering, transport waiting for nursing to finish tasks such as the handoff sheet, no nurse to help transport, nurse is busy with other patients, wrong equipment ordered and others. Through analysis it is recommended that Mercy implement a more streamlined process, in which specific guidelines are set in order to decrease turn-around times to the benchmark of 22 minutes. Some of these guidelines include; not requesting transport until patient is ready to be transported, transportation waiting for only five minutes for nursing, utilize the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) model for sustainment and finally train all staff how to utilize the Transport Tracking system to keep track of all jobs placed in the queue which will help with accountability.


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