Parental involvement in reading

Some children succeed in school while other children struggle. One important skill in succeeding in school is reading. Some children come to school with early literacy skills and a few already know how to read. Other children cannot seem to grasp early literacy skills and struggle when it comes to reading. The purpose of this study is to find out if a correlation exits between a first grader's reading level and the amount of time parents are involved with their child in literacy activities at home. Data will be collected from a first grade classroom. Children will be assessed at the beginning of first grade and at the end of the eight week study to find out their fluency reading level using Houghton Mifflin fluency assessments. Parents will record the amount of time they spend reading and discussing literature with their child. The results of this study will show whether a correlation exist between a child's reading level and the amount of time parents and children spend together in literature at home. If a correlation exists, this study could be used to encourage parents to spend more time with literature in the home to improve a child's fluency level. It will also encourage teachers to encourage parents to become more involved at home. Keywords: Parental Involvement, Reading, Fluency, First Grade, Literacy