The Academic Impact of a Growth Mindset on Fourth Grade Math Achievement

Mindset is an established set of attitudes held by someone to identify with their own personal intelligence. Research shows there are two types of intelligence, a fixed mindset (entity theory) and growth mindset (incremental theory of intelligence). Obtaining a growth mindset has been researched to be preferable and is linked to several studies that document academic growth in learners (Donohoe, Topping, & Hannah 2012; Guay, Litalien, Ratelle, & Roy 2010). The purpose of this research study is to examine students’ mindset to determine if academic achievement gains will be made when students identify with a growth mindset. Research by social psychologist, developmental psychologists, cognitive psychologist, and neuroscientists asserts that intelligence is malleable (Dweck, 2010) and with teaching and intervention students can make brain connections to alter their academic achievement. The findings in this study demonstrate an increase in academic achievement when students identify with a growth mindset.