Pathways to Academia

Pathways to Academia is my passport to a career in higher education teaching. My portfolio equips me with useful tools that help me tackle teaching responsibilities confidently and professionally. My career research report illuminates me on the nature of my future career, including: qualifications, responsibilities, expectations, statistics, application requirements, job listings, and testimonials. My statement of professional identity captures my pedagogical philosophy, academic goals, and values. As I reflect on my thirteen-year career as an ESL teacher (English as a Second Language), I assess its role in envisioning myself as an active member of a higher education institution. My resume and application materials offer me a better understanding of my capabilities and facilitate my application to job openings and prepare me for interviews. I look forward to taking my first steps toward the world of academia and infusing my teaching with my passion for the English language. I aspire to opportunities for professional growth and moments of self-reflection in an environment that thrives with positivity, collaboration, and support.

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