Outcomes of Latinx Alumni Participation in the Charting Access for Hispanics Majoring In Needed Careers and Occupations in Healthcare (CAMINO) Program: A Qualitative Research Study

The purpose of this research study was to evaluate the importance of the CAMINO program and explore how different student support strategies used by the program impacted students and helped alumni in the working world of healthcare. In-depth interviews (N=8) were conducted with CAMINO graduates that are currently working in the healthcare field. Alumni were asked 12 questions, and grounded theory was used to develop themes. Key themes determined that alumni acquired: 1) Confidence, 2) Engagement, 3) Leadership Skills, and 4) Accountability. The CAMINO program is an excellent addition for Latinx (and other underserved populations) California State University students to receive support, guidance and gain skills to advance their college careers and bring forth representation in the healthcare sciences field.