Journey into self : Jungian dream analysis as a stepping stone to individuation

Individuation, the conscious realization of one's own part in the process of human growth, is a unique psychological reality, including strengths and limitations, which leads to the integration of the Self as a whole being. It is my hypothesis 'that by learning the language of our dreams through Jungian dream analysis and then listening to it, we die to our illusions and awaken to a new sense of reality and a renewed life experience. The objective purpose of this project is my own personal goal of individuation as a part of my ongoing preparation to become a therapist, including group work, research, and written product. The subjective process is Jungian dream analysis carried out within an extensive and ongoing spiritual journal while being held in the empathic container of self-psychological therapy. The result has proved for me the validity of my hypothesis: that in the working through of my own unconscious process, I have learned to die to self daily and am being reborn into a richer, fuller, and more honest reality. I assume that if it works for me, it is valid, and will also work for you.