Supporting Beginning English Learners in the Middle School General Education Content Area Classroom

This project focused on the various strategies and supports that aid beginning English learners to develop content specific literacy in a general education classroom. The focus of the inquiry is on specific vocabulary and assessment strategies to support learning of content specific vocabulary and skills in a middle school setting. It is imperative that educators understand the conditions and are aware of what components are necessary for successful intervention to take place. Beginning English learners are often pulled out of the classroom or put into an ELD class that specifically focuses on language acquisition. Not all schools have the resources to meet these accommodations. General education classroom teachers are left up to the challenge of supporting their beginning EL students within the classroom in a whole class setting. This project focuses on what teachers can do to provide the conditions for learning even in these circumstances. The main goal of the project is to support classroom teachers and provide them with instructional strategies and assessment strategies that can be used to support these learners content specific literacy skills in the classroom.