Graduate project

Perfect Match for Entrepreneurs

Perfect Match is a system designed for entrepreneurs to seek guidance from mentors. This system allows entrepreneurs to get matched with mentors based on the analysis of surveys. The entrepreneur as well as mentor will be able to take a survey after logging in to the system, after the entrepreneur submits the survey he will be shown top five mentors that were matched after analysis. Based on the results, an entrepreneur can choose the mentor and then he can contact the mentor through email functionality. To understand our user’s requirements, we had to ask a few questions (like a survey) to come up with a good mentor fit for the user. So we researched on the categories on which the users pick their mentors. Personality, Skills, Location and Industry were the broad categories that we came up with. From the answers, we get from our users, we have our ML algorithm split into 4 parts calculating the confidence for each of the categories using k-nearest neighbors algorithm. Then a final confidence factor is calculated and the top 5 matching mentors are picked for every user. The project has wide scope because it can save a lot of time in researching who is the best mentor for you, while just by answering a few questions here you have your top 5 fits in seconds. The system is hosted on AWS Lightsail’s LAMP server. For communication purposes, we have used Amazon SES for email communication. The project is a web application and is built using the webpage trio HTML/CSS/JS with Php and Python as the backend. Database used is MySQL.