Social media and the prepare model: effective communication during school crises

This project is based on the literature surrounding social media usage during crisis, and the effective use of social media under the PREPaRE model. It highlights the trend and current usage of social media among the U.S population and within a school setting, and reviews current theoretical models for social media use during crisis. It brings awareness to past and current crisis events in which social media was used both properly and improperly, and highlights the need for the effective use of social media during such crises. This project’s literature review is the basis for development of a professional training module that helps educators conceptualize and implement the effective use of social media during a crisis under the PREPaRE model. Schools play a vital role in crisis prevention and intervention including providing a safe environment, disseminating helpful information, identifying individuals at risk, providing mental health services, connecting individuals in need with community resources, supporting on-going recovery, and doing so under an evidence-based model illustrated via Brock et al. (2009) in the PREPaRE model. This training module also reviews essential components of the PREPaRE model to help mental health professionals and educators examine the effectiveness of crisis prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.