Does the golf handicap system create a fair game at the Shadowridge Golf Course?

Over the past century golf has become an obsession among many Americans. With the popularity of any sport, the opportunity to gamble will usually follow. It is clear that a match-up between a casual golfer and an avid golfer would not be fair. Therefore a method was created to equalize the game: the golf handicap system. This opened the door for tournaments between amateurs as well side bets between neighbors thus leading to the arguable question; Does the golf handicap create a fair game? Using data from a local golf country club, the question of fairness will be addressed in terms of the player against the course rating and the player randomly paired with another player. Point estimates and interval estimates will pave the way for hypothesis testing. Through the use of the t-test, !-proportion Z-test and Wilcoxon matched pairs test, inferences about the hanidcap system will be made based on the statistical analysis. Key words: Golf; Handicap; Fairness; Statistics; Confidence interval; Significance; Hypothesis tests.