Graduate project

An experiment with public speaking as a course for adult deaf and hard of hearing

Man is communicative. He uses gestures, writings, and speaking in order to express his flow of thoughts. He lives and speaks in a planet of words. What man has, what man does, and what man is depends to a large degree on his ability to use words. The rapid rise of man is often related to his two abilities of thinking and speaking. Whether it be in the form of ordinary day-to-day conversation, scientific exchange of ideas, or arguements for or against government decisions, the ability of man to speak has pushed him on to greater achievements since his beginning. When he was created, God spoke to Adam, and Adam, in turn, spoke to Eve. In the centuries since, Caesar spoke to his armies and pushed Rome on to greater heights. Teachers throughout history spoke to children in classrooms. Man�s civilization has changed much since the utterance of his first spoken word. Today man is still very much the communicative animal he was born to be. Whether it be in the writing, speaking, or in the form of the sign language that is used by deaf people, these forms are still communicative processes, and are basic to his very existence. There are several processes through which man communicates. One of them is in the area of public speaking. Public speaking involves man in facing an audience to communicate with many people at the same time. Public speaking is a powerful public endeavor. It is no longer recognized to be the professional art that was formerly practiced only by lawyers, preachers, teachers, and entertainers.