Water in a Time of Pandemic SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Water is an essential part of life, especially to humans. However, with an increase in population, a higher demand for fresh, clean water, a global pandemic engulfing the world, and global climate change in the backdrop, water has become an indispensable source for a healthy life. Our goal through this project is to determine the severity of the effects on the availability of water and it's quality (as determined through pH tests, microbial analysis tests, chlorine tests, etc.) and sanitation to our local community as a result of the pandemic. We explore the degree of the effects of the pandemic as well as government action on a local level as well as on different communities. With this mind, we also investigated our local water systems to determine if there were already previous/underlying problems in our water system that might’ve helped contribute to a possible decrease in water quality during these times. Finally, we attempt to conceptualize theoretical ideas that are both realistic and better than current government solutions. As for the pandemic, we explore how water and sanitation are closely tied to one another.


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