Masters Thesis

Remembering the Sacred Feminine through the Motherline: A Quest toward Wholeness

Purpose of the Study: This thesis examines the patriarchal wounding of my Slavic mother line and follows the healing journey I took to transform wounds to enrich my self-identity in my pursuit toward wholeness Procedure: My study follows the motherline. The motherline is the maternal lineage of a woman backward through the generations. I explored the wounding of my motherline by using an autoethnographical narrative. Autoethnography is an autobiographical form of qualitative research that uses self reflection to explore personal stories and experiences within a cultural context. I used self-reflection to aid my stories and employed a Jungian psychological framework. Through the myth of Inanna, I embarked upon a metaphorical descent and met the dark goddess Ereshkigal. I relied on depth techniques to track and interpret my dreams, guide my active imaginations, and create spontaneous healing rituals. I made a pilgrimage to Montenegro to further assist my inquiries and overall depth experience. Findings: I found that healing occurs in the reflective process of sharing my journey of personal and cultural wounding. Healing is not a means to an end but is rather an ongoing process toward a quest to achieve wholeness. I found that my personal female individuation process is a continuous stream of engaging with the rhythms of life, death, and rebirth as a continuous cycle in my developmental pattern. My mother line wounds provided deep layers of meaningful experiences to happen that continue to offer value for me to expand my quest toward wholeness. Conclusions: Suffering from personal wounds affords the opportunity to examine the soul through a process of individuation. The connection with the motherline and one's cultural lineage is a way to further understand self and create wholeness. For women, the sacred feminine is a source for greater meaning. In the quest toward female individuation, a goddess-centered spirituality is an opening to assist the exploration of vast realms and qualities that lives inside every woman.