Masters Thesis

Paternal involvement in pre-school readiness

School readiness is the result of children’s direct and indirect interactions with environmental resources, and it is through those social relationships between children, peers, families, and teachers that children come to acquire the academic, language, and social emotional skills that prepare them to enter school. The purpose of this study was to investigate the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs fathers have about being involved in their pre-school children’s education. A review of the literature indicated that the topic of school readiness would benefit from the addition of information from this particular population. I contacted preschools in the local area as a venue through which to recruit fathers of children who were currently attending the preschool. Sixteen fathers responded and completed the questionnaire, providing information on their backgrounds, school readiness activities in which they engaged with their children, father/school interactions, barriers and support systems they had in place in regard to their relationship with their children and their priorities for their children.