Graduate project

Community resources can help you : handbook designed for the deaf

In the spring of 1968, a group of graduate students in the Leadership Training Program in the Area of the Deaf at San Fernando Valley State College undertook a project concerned with community services for deaf persons. After surveying the needs of the deaf, using both the literature and interviews with persons working in community agencies and schools, the graduate students determined that many deaf young persons and adults were not aware of many of the commonly-accepted services available to all citizens. In addition, some deaf persons who knew of the existence of such services did not know how, or who, to contact because of the limitations in communication skills. The graduate students also found that teachers, rehabilitation counselors, and some employers did not always have at hand a practical list of local services for use by their deaf students and clients.On the basis of such information, the group decided to develop a booklet which would centralize information needed in daily living. This booklet can be used in a variety of settings, as will be explained. The material can be personalized for a deaf student, or client, by including the name and phone number of such persons as the doctor, dentist, pharmacist, legal advisor, etc.