The effects of prompt writing compared to student choice on second grade students' motivation and achievement in writing

This study is significant to the professional educator who is searching for writing teaching methods that promote student motivation to write and increase writing achievement. This study explored writing teaching methods for promoting student motivation and achievement. The relationship between second grade students' motivation to write and the respective students' writing achievement level was analyzed. As well, this study examined students' motivation for prompt compared to topic choice and those students' individual achievement levels. A quasi-experimental research design which used a mixed methods model that included a concurrent quantitative and qualitative phase was employed. The data was collected in three different areas for the purpose of triangulation. The students participated in a writing attitude survey and individual interviews to determine their level of motivation and perception ofwriting. The students' writing samples were analyzed to determine the level ofachievement in writing on three different assessments in both prompted and choice teaching methods, for a total of six writing pieces per student. Students' performance on writing tests directed by student choice of topic was higher than those students' performance on prompted writing tests. As well, a significant statistical correlation was found for student preference ofteaching method. The study was limited by the convenience sample size and time constraints ofthe research. Therefore, the study cannot be generalized to all second grade students, but is limited to the sample used. Keywords: achievement, motivation, writing, prompt, choice, elementary