Technology Motivation in the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Technology plays a large role in our educational system in the twenty-first century. Increasingly, students in United States schools are being equipped with their own devices. Miranda and Russell (2011) pointed out that Internet access is accessible at all public schools with “97% connected via high speed connection” (Miranda & Russell, 2011, p. 1; 2012; Clausen, Britten & Ring, 2008; Wells & Lewis, 2006). This affords students the ability to access knowledge from the Internet within seconds. A student with access puts learning at his fingertips. Schools are technology rich (Levin, & Schrum, 2013) with Smartboards®, document cameras, student digital desktops, iPads®, and much more, but teachers are not using these tools to their full capacities. Students already use technology for gaming or other entertainment. As a logical extension, teachers could enhance the educational potential of their students by using technology in the classroom. Teachers may already be using technology for professional productivity and to present information (Gorder, 2008).