Graduate project

A handbook of services and resources for the deaf and the deaf-blind multi-handicapped in South Australia

Over the last ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of services available to the deaf and the deaf-blind multi-handicapped in the Australian state of South Australia. This graduate project collates the relevant current information concerning the basic services for the above mentioned disabled groups and presents it in an easy to use handbook format. The essential information for each government and non-government agency is offered on a single page. The one page descriptions of each service are indexed according to the following headings: Diagnostic Services, Parent Guidance Services, Educational Services and Residential Services. In addition to providing essential information on these agencies, this handbook also gives brief summary statements on South Australian and the Australian Commonwealth governmental regulations that relate to the deaf and the deaf-blind multi-handicapped. This handbook should prove to be a valuable resource for both professionals and parents of the deaf and deaf-blind multi-handicapped in South Australia.