Graduate project

How to create a service-learning project within a small school

Service-learning projects for a small school can have a major impact on the social values and perceptions of the educational environment. Influencing students to lead and create positive change in their community is a process that can be achieved by implementing a service-learning program. Service learning is a tool to improve social outcomes for students. If the need for student leadership is required and a connection needs to be made between community and school, service learning is the key to open that door for success. The development of a positive social culture within a small school can be accomplished through the implementation of successful service-learning programs. The perception of low school spirit was observed among secondary students. To address these needs a service-learning project was established. This model program required the implementation of instructional, motivational, and leadership strategies. A student-led organization was created to provide activities that develop positive social outcomes within the educational community. The service learning program at Champion Christian School was modeled using a variety of researched methods. The methods for practice and application were modeled after researched standards and components for effective practice. The service learning project yielded many positive results, including the development of positive social outcomes among student participants. Using service learning in a small school requires time, hard work, and a caring heart to help make positive changes in society.