The Impacts of After School Programs

The Impacts of After School Programs By Ivan Haro Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership Before and after school programs have become an extension of the educational field. Over time policy makers have questioned the type of impact the programs are making; some methodologies have measured graduation rates, dropout rates, attendance rates and college acceptances. There have been millions of dollars invested into the programs. The funding has come through various lines of resources; they include federal funding, local funding, grants, measures, propositions and foundations. Along with the methodologies and budget discussions, there is also the layer of policy writing for these programs. The programs operate under strict guidelines that are enforced by the federal and local level. The programs are required to meet specific outcomes while following the guidelines that are set in place. The direction of some of these programs will be another layer that I will be researching because the leadership and organizational structure in the before and after school programs shape the success and areas of improvements. The social impact the programs make can create a narrative that will expand the perspective all stakeholders will have. They will understand all the different layers in this research and it will expand the comprehension of the needs and outcomes.