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International nurse migration: recruitment of foreign-educated nurses from the Philippines to supply for the nursing scarcity in the United States

An alarming problem is occurring in many healthcare institutions in the United States (U.S.) today. If not contained, the nursing shortage problem is anticipated to create bigger dilemmas in t he next decades. Therefore, the U.S. has an immediate need to hire several nurses to fill the growing demand of the entire nation. Unfortunately, amidst the large influx of new nursing graduates in recent years, the domestic supply of Registered Nurses in the U.S. can still not keep u p with t h e rising need because majority of U.S.-based nursing schools can only admit limited a mount of qualified applicants due to budget cuts and other cost restrictions; hence, the U.S. c urrently presents a need to hire qualified foreign-educated nurses that will fill the emergent s hortage. The nurse workforce shortage in the U.S. is not a new economic problem. In fact, it has b een a recurring phenomenon that dates back to the mid-1960s; thus, creating the cyclical d emand-and-supply relationship of the U.S. to various developing countries that often presented l arge surplus of Registered Nurses, in which the Philippines has been identified as the leading s ource country for nurses. For many decades, the mutual relationship of the U.S. and the P hilippines offered several remunerations that aided both nations; however, this connection has c aused the U.S. a failure to create concrete policies that directly addresses the nursing shortage crisis, because the weight of the problem has not been identified by U.S. legislators and have since then constantly relied on immigration policies, such as hiring foreign nurses, each time a s hortage of nurses surfaces. Several consequences have already been identified as a result of the a bsence of concrete policy that addresses the nursing shortage. Therefore, without the proper p olicy action, a question is raised on whether how long the mutual dependence of the U.S and t he Philippines will last and what the United States is planning to accomplish that will contain t his growing issue.

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