The Systematic Impact of Federal and State Public Correctional Health Care Policies on Older Inmates

Federal and State correctional health care systems within the United States are dealing with issues related to population expansion and poor health care outcomes of older inmates due to failed public policies. More importantly, deficient policy measures are causing an inability to supply effective and high quality health care for older inmates within the correctional health care system. Inadequate planning by previous individuals who live within the public policy sphere of correctional health care failed to look at future outlooks in order to prepare the health care management of a population that would age within a system that does not promote health care. In fact, between 1993 and 2013 the population of older inmates within correctional health care systems increased by approximately 400%. A systematic connection between the trickle-down impact of correctional health care policies toward the negative command of day to day operations within correctional systems is demonstrated within this research. Evidence provided by a qualitative analysis of archival data of peer review journal publications on correctional health care policy indicate unsatisfactory policy framework that lead to policy gaps. For example, state and federal correctional health care policies fail to designate a concrete public and health care definition for older inmates. Moreover, a timeframe-based health care compliance system dependent on chronological age is used to determine care. However, the literature analysis concludes that older individuals living within the correctional health care policy systems suffer from accelerated ageing and require health care outside of chronological age. At the same time, the findings and analysis of this research paper indicate that the policy framework and promotion of correctional health policies related to older inmates is administrative instead of creating a policy paradigm dependent on managed health care. The research concludes little health care attention is given to older inmates given that federal and state correctional health care policies have solidified systematic barriers through diluted notion that have reached their original intention.

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