Social Factors, Stigmas and Measure H: An Insight into Homelessness in Los Angeles County

This research paper identifies the problems faced by public administrators and society regarding homelessness in Los Angeles County and provides a current analysis of the current measures, strategies and programs in place to help reduce the amount of homelessness specifically in regards to temporary and permanent housing services efforts (THS and PHS) and permanent supportive housing (PSH) . The research problem identifies the need to gain further knowledge on monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the measures and strategies aimed to help the ever-growing homeless population. The research designed will follow a mixed methods framework of qualitative and quantitative methods in nature. It will be centered around individual and family units, made up of multiple demographics in the homeless community in Los Angeles County, that which the researcher will spend time to collect empirical data by conducting interviews with policymakers, the community and other stakeholders in regards to assess the current strategical implementation success. Findings from the study will share insight on how planning and implementation can improve methods of monitoring for effectiveness in lowering the homeless population in Los Angeles County.