Strategic Analysis for Marketing Graduate Education

Abstract Strategic Analysis for Marketing Graduate Education By Sevak Minasyan Master of Business Administration The purpose of this analysis is to assist the client in understanding the lead generation activities it is currently involved in. In doing so, we provided the client with the necessary information to better understand its current situation while using the provided tools in reaching its goal. The analysis was prepared by looking into the client's operations, interviewing various vested parties within the university, analyzing graduate student headcount data extracted from the university's institutions research while using external data from other units within the university for comparative purposes. This analysis helped us understand the issues facing the client. These issues helped us understand the problem the client is facing. That is; the client does not have the necessary resources to handle the lead generation activities it has been administering. Based on our findings, we present three viable alternatives for our client to choose from while recommending the one that we believe fits in the best interest of our client. The findings and the recommendations are proprietary to the client and shall remain confidential.