iPads and Educational Leadership

If the shift in education is to assimilate mobile technology, then it is imperative that school leaders are proficient with devices such as the iPad. However, iPads are not cheap; a simple wi-fi tablet costs 500 dollars. In addition to hardware expenses, many applications (apps) that would enhance student learning are priced anywhere between one to ten dollars. One way to offset the initial overhead involving the implementation of an iPad initiative would be through grant funding. Through the Project Vista Grant, California State University Channel Islands (CI) has implemented such measures. Twelve Educational Leadership Master students received an iPad in the fall of 2012. This paper investigates how they were utilized in their coursework and fieldwork. Ultimately, future candidates of the Masters and Credential Program will be prepared in integrating the iPad as a school leader. Components of the iPad initiative included familiarizing and supporting stakeholders with the technology, remediating software and licensing issues, incorporating technology into the higher learning classroom, and utilizing the iPad for assignments and fieldwork.