Masters Thesis

clandestine : conversations with a shadow

In my thesis exhibition, clandestine: conversations with a shadow, I render elements of my psyche to act as a window for the outside world, exploring the psychological concept of the shadow self. The concept of the shadow self, is a psychological archetype suggested in research conducted by psychologist Carl. The shadow self is understood to be the repressed unconscious of an individual that can manifest in feelings or thoughts that contradicts the character of an individual. The research of Jung was the foundation for this exhibition alongside my personal experience with the loss of my father. This exhibition consists of projected still images and videos that attempt to bring the shadow self and the exploration of loss out of the subconscious and into the physical world. I use lens-based media to record my body as the primary subject for this work. The gallery installation is meant to become the physical representation of my mind, where the shadow lives, creating an environment where viewers can encounter something that normally is not seen.

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