Baccalaureate completion for AS-T Business Administration students at San Jose State University

The passage of Senate Bill 1440 was meant to strengthen the pipeline from a California Community College to a California State University. This study analyzed how AS-T in Business Administration earners and non-AS-T in Business Administration earners fare at degree completion from a California State University campus. A quantitative research methodology was used to identify the effectiveness of the AS-T in Business Administration program. The results of this study are mixed. Key findings indicate the preliminary benefits. AS-T earners, on average, finish their degree within 60 units at San Jose State University (SJSU) and earn three cumulative SJSU units fewer than their non-AS-T peers. In addition, regarding time to degree, on average, there was no statistically significant difference between Hispanic and White students, whereas historically, a gap exists between these groups. The preliminary disadvantages also include time to degree, where Asian students, on average, have a statistically significantly higher number of years to degree completion when compared to White students. These results showcase a clear discrepancy, and the need to ensure equitable outcomes at SJSU, an Asian-American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution and a Hispanic Serving Institution. Lastly, time to degree for students with an AS-T degree is greater than two years. Further research is needed to learn more about the outcomes of the AS-T program.