Mining weather data: a web application for California Smart Grid Center

"Mining weather data" is a web application specifically developed for the California Smart Grid Center at the California State University, Sacramento. The main objective of this web application is to help the researchers at Smart Grid Research Center to visualize the historic weather data in the form of graphs. The main purpose of this project is to overcome the tedious process of reading huge amounts of raw data generated from the censors and analyze it manually. The application allows the user to choose a time period and weather parameter for which the data needs to be visualized. The application extracts day-to-day weather prediction from historical data using Online Analytical Process (OLAP) technique. OLAP is a technique used to analyze the data in different dimensions. The application then uses JFree Charts to display the filtered data in graphical form. The data is displayed in the form of line graph where X-axis is the time range given by the user and Y-axis is the weather parameter data. The JFree charts are then converted to .png files and sent to the application to display over the server.