Santa Monica College: Helping freshman athlete transition

ABSTRACT Freshman Student-Athletes Manual for Santa Monica College By Daniel Freeman Master of Science in Kinesiology The first year of college is one of the most difficult transitions that a student encounters (Giddan, 1988). The Santa Monica College Student-Athlete Transition Assistance Handbook is a guide for Freshman Student-Athletes during their transition into Santa Monica College. The manual provides athletes insights into coping strategies and resources that can be used to manage negative stress. The information collected on stress and coping strategies was based on literature found during the research process. The specifics on coping resources offered at Santa Monica College were collected during the Fall Semester by visiting the various student service centers on campus. The creation of the complete compilation of resources in this handbook was accomplished through obtaining informational packets and conversing with staff at each center. The handbook itself outlines the various stress and coping strategies and resources, and then provides four example scenarios of student-athletes encountering stressors in various areas of their lives. Each example highlights certain stressors, and provides concrete ways that the student-athlete can apply strategies and resources so that they can manage their negative stress. There are many sources of negative stress, and more coping strategies than are listed in the handbook. Future projects can expand upon this handbook and provide programs that athletics can use to improve various components of transition, like leadership and new teammate on-boarding programs.