Capstone project

Retractable oven rack

The object of the design was to create an oven rack that would mechanically move out of the oven without the consumer having to make contact with the oven rack. As a result of tasks 1 through 9c, a design was created on paper then transformed into a functioning mechanical device, which was tested. The final design was comprised of a gear driven rack that is actuated via a hand wheel. The rack is welded to a flat gear that meshes with a circular gear. The circular gear is attached to a shaft that runs through the oven wall and a bearing to the hand wheel. The opposite side of the oven has the same features except for the hand wheel; these components are there for alignment. The lips on the inside of the oven support the_ weight of the rack and anything on it. These lips are also used to adjust the rack level in the oven. The results of the tests found that the device meet all engineering and consumer expectations, while remaining within the set economic guidelines as well.