Masters Thesis

Ban the use of cell phones while driving

The policy analysis was conducted to find that the use of cell phones while driving causes drivers to be distracted mentally, and visually causing an increase in automobile accidents. According to the findings the use of a cell phone while driving leads to injury and/or death to motorists, their passengers or pedestrians. However, the policy analysis also provided information about driver safety education concerning cell phone use and laws (e.g., SB 1613, SB 28, & SB 33) in other states (e.g. New York) that ban the use of cell phones while driving. Statistics pertaining to dangers of distracted driving and automobile accidents are provided. Finally, my descriptions of policy alternatives that I feel are realistic solutions to increase driver safety, reduce the number of accidents, causalities, and deaths in California. Recommendations The specific recommendations that I would make about the resolution of the problem that led me to conduct the policy analysis consist of; 1) Completely ban the use of any kind of cell phone while driving. A violation should impose an infraction with a fine of $200 for first offense and $250 for each subsequent offense plus court cost; 2) Report the infraction to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), but first offense would not count as a point against the person's drivers license or insurance record. However, for every infraction after the first offense, drivers would receive 2 points on their driver's license and insurance record; and 3) Police, fire, and rescue personnel, including public and private ambulance drivers are exempted from this law, and any person can use a cell phone while driving for “only” an emergency situation. Overall, in order to get my policy proposal enacted, it takes cooperation from the community, major stakeholders and legislation.


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