A case study for MySQL and Microsoft SQL server database reporting

In today's world, for data to be useful, it needs to be structured, relevant, timely and accurate. Almost all databases provide functionality for report generation as it is a closely related feature. This project focuses on generating web-based report using MS SQL Server and MySQL. This case study will help to gain and enhance knowledge about Web based reporting with databases. Microsoft provides a server-based reporting platform to generate comprehensive reports using various data-sources. For the first phase of this project, I have used SSRS (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services) to create reports from an already populated MS SQL Server database. The approach is to create SQL queries for the data to be fetched and bind the existing database as a data source to the report. We can also customize the report by allowing the user to enter value of a particular field and generating report based on that value. To work with SSRS reports, I have used Microsoft Visual Studio as an IDE. The second phase of this project includes generating reports from a MySQL database. To accomplish this, we did a research on the type of tools available on internet for web-based report generation in MySQL. For our purpose, we chose BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) as a tool to create web-based reports using Eclipse IDE. BIRT is an open source tool available to be used with Eclipse IDE for generating MySQL reports in Java applications. The implementation has been done using Company database schema that contains different tables with relationships and constraints. In order to set up data in MySQL database, we have created scripts from SQL Server Database and ran those scripts in MySQL database. This data is used for creating reports. The report contains the detailed steps along with examples including installation, designing of database schema and generating reports. The purpose of this project is to create case study to help in using databases like MS SQL Server, MySQL with a better understanding. It will also help in learning how to extract crucial information from database tables in a user readable format.