Masters Thesis

Optimizing Hoshin Kanri: making a strategic deployment plan work in a medical device distribution company

Continual improvement pioneer and visionary scholar in academia, Dr. W. Edwards Deming had been very vocal in saying that transformation is necessary in a prevailing style of management. The management transformation is needed in this age and time where intense customer demands and technological advances are becoming the norm in the business community. These unending changes require new leadership mindset that is required in instituting and communicating the strategic direction of an organization. This investigation aims at utilizing to apply a strategy deployment tool, Hoshin Kanri to an organization’s continual improvement. Developed by the Japanese companies, Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning system to communicate company goals to the employees. It is a framework for both policy formulation and policy implementation. The review and evaluation results of data produced from the research indicate that Hoshin Kanri can be successfully implemented in a medium-sized medical device distribution company.