Masters Thesis

Implementation of a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

The Implementation of Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Project is designed to support schools interested in the adoption of a new school- wide philosophy and Program. Many schools face similar Issues when implementing new programs. Common problems that administrators face include; a lack of teacher buy-in, teacher concerns about additional work, and uneven implementation of proposed reforms. These problems lead to other issues such as tension between staff members and administrators that can lead to a weaker team environment, a lesser degree of success with the new program, and less student buy-in. The problems that schools encounter appear to be fairly universal. Fortunately, the experience of educators, in many realms, suggest that with time, supports and proper education new programs can be successfully implemented. A variety of factors may affect teacher buy-in, for example, teachers may not be able to see the benefits of a new program or have a solid enough understanding of what the implementation process will look like to be confident in their ability to implement it within the time constraints of their busy lives. With a deeper understanding of student disabilities, history of laws, proper training, ongoing dialog and the support that is required for a smooth transition, any school can be successful in making major program changes. Implementation of new programs are obstacles all schools face and the project presented here lays a solid groundwork as to how new programs can be implemented successfully while respecting and responding to the concerns of teachers.