CSUN wellness nutrition kitchen: online nutrition resource

The CSUN Wellness program was intended to assist California State University, Northridge (CSUN) staff with weight loss and weight management using an effective exercise regime combined with an on-line nutrition plan. Goals of the wellness program are weight loss, aerobic endurance with hopes of sustaining long-term goals of healthy living with an effective and well-executed plan that will be sustainable for many years. The eight-week program helped several participants reach a lower body mass index (BMI), increase aerobic endurance, and learn how to transition from sedentary, unhealthy living to a more active, healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this project was to develop the on-line nutrition program. Participants exercised after work for 45 minutes two to four days a week from 5:15 – 6:00 pm and once a week, weight was measured to calculate BMI. A functioning nutrition website constructed from feedback from prior wellness programs, accounting for the specifics of the present program was implemented, and weekly nutrition related tasks were provided to all participants with guidance to complete each task in the most effective way. With 37 participants starting and only nine continuing to the end, motivation to participate is a key factor in keeping participants active in any weight loss program. With the nine that completed the nutrition and exercise intervention, there was an average drop in BMI of 1.0 though it was largely affected by one individual. Feedback from the CSUN group helped modify the website to cater more to the needs of future wellness program participants. The website will always be provided for student instructors, CSUN staff, and all subsequent exercise program participants to access anytime for pertinent nutrition information, handouts, and any other informative resources.

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