A study of contemporary political campaigns: a working campaign plan

The study of contemporary political campaigns is important in the ever evolving realm of political structure and social order. Communicating a point of view from the ground floor of a campaign can help everyone to better understand the process of where democracy begins. Most people tend to see political campaigns at the very end of the timeline, that is, at or near election day. So much happens in the weeks, months and years leading up to election day that contributes to the final results. Political scientists, historians, public administrators and those aspiring to hold public office need to lead the way in improving our rules, systems and procedures. New realities now exist in political campaigns that did not just a few short years ago. Now that reforms are in place, how they affect campaigns and elections is of paramount importance. The bigger question is "Is Democracy alive and well, or do the wealthy and well connected control the strings?" This project explores how an average citizen can rise to political office using a systematic plan that is created and implemented years in advance. Slowly gaining the trust and support of citizens, political players, and organizations over time can be a recipe that makes for enough voters to get into office. Attempting to guide a process that can be complicated and, at times, unpredictable, is extremely difficult. This working campaign plan can provide a framework for those in this field of study, and to future candidates seeking reliable, updated information.