Graduate Project

A Firebase filesytem

Nowadays, in this data driven world, there is always a necessity for storing and sharing the data securely. As per the big data statistics, it is said that about 2.5 quintillion data is created every day in the form of text files, images, PDFs and many more. Some of these files are important that they are required to be stored safely and sometimes, not only just storing but instead, they are required to be shared in a secure way. Thus, an android application is developed to render storing of the files over the cloud in a traditional manner just like in Windows and Linux. The application enables the users to sign in using their Google account to create and share the root level directories via cloud by granting access permissions to the group members and other signed in users. Firebase cloud service is used in this application for storing the data which provides – secure Authentication using Google account, Firebase Storage which can store petabytes of data.