Masters Thesis

Comprehensive practice of school psychology within a multi-tiered model to promote learning among culturally diverse elementary school communities with ranging needs

This body of work demonstrates competency in skills and services in the ten domains of best practice put forth by the National Association of School Psychologists and is made up of representative professional products from the applied practice of school psychology. These portfolio products include documentation of and reflection upon data-based decision-making and thoughtful provision of individualized services for a population of elementary school students in two culturally distinctive communities. While this portfolio documents evidence of competency across all ten domains of practice, themes of diversity, mental health and collaboration will be presented throughout, as areas of particular personal interest in the applied professional practice of school psychology. Applied practices explored include psychoeducational assessment, planning and provision of positive behavior intervention and supports, mental health counseling services for students who would benefit from help developing social and emotional skills, and collaborative contribution to the field of school psychology in the form of shared research and advocacy efforts with the professional community. Conclusions from my training experience value the importance of practice of school psychology that comprehensively cover all areas of practice, beyond a typical “test and place” model; the diversification of academic and social-emotional services into multiple tiers to ensure meeting all students’ needs; and a positive behavioral approach to discipline and support, especially with populations impacted by historical and ongoing trauma, such as Native American youth.