Supplements to an alcohol education curriculum

The drinking of alcoholic beverages is an increasingly accepted part of contemporary life. Wide societal acceptance of alcoholic beverages have led to some severe problems. As societal restrictions on the use of alcohol lessen, the need for more positive alcohol education grows accordingly. Personal decisions relating to the use of alcohol are necessary for every person throughout life. The resources to gain the competencies and understanding for making these decisions must be available. This project consists of two parts. Part I is the introduction. The introduction includes: a) Statistical information related to alcohol use and abuse and alcoholism in this country; b) A review of the literature relative to alcohol education for alcoholics and problem drinkers; c) Conclusions drawn from the literature review; d) The justification and description for this project; e) Finally, a discussion of the criteria and sources used to put the information together, used in this project, concludes Part I. Alcohol education for alcoholics is offered by many treatment programs, however, curriculums, guides, or supplements, in this area of alcohol education, for public inspection are absent. Part II of this project consists of a comprehensive series of supplements to a twenty week alcohol education curriculum for alcoholics, problem drinkers, and interested persons in the community. (See more in text.)