Dating outside of one's race: Attitudes amongst Latino and Asian college students

The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes and experiences on interracial dating between Asians and Hispanic/Latinos. To further examine the likelihood of interracial dating amongst Asians and Hispanics, a total of 86 undergraduate psychology students from California State University, Nmihridge were recruited to take part in this study. Pmiicipants were presented with a 33 Item self-administered questionnaire that assessed the attitudes and experiences on interracial dating. In addition, the respondent's views on stereotypes regarding the members of the opposite race and parental influences on interracial dating were also furthered analyzed. Comparisons across race and ethnicity reveal that, over all Asians and Hispanic/Latinos have dated outside of their race and are comfortable with interracial dating. Findings from this study show that Asian and Hispanic/Latinos are more than likely to date each other. Some findings varied across race and gender as results suggested that the male groups demonstrated a more favorable attitude and commitment towards interracial dating than the female groups. These findings have implications for future research on interracial relationships between Asian-Hispanic couples.