Bluetooth low energy communication and iphone app development

Bluetooth Technology gave people the freedom to use electronic devices without getting hung up on the wires and cables. However, Bluetooth Low Energy technology with its different design architecture enables us to take advantage of a wide variety of different applications that were impossible with classic Bluetooth. [1][8] In this paper, a design process for creating communication between a Bluetooth Low Energy device and a smart phone is presented. In addition, some background information about the Bluetooth Low Energy technology is discussed. To develop the Bluetooth Low Energy communication, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE112) and its development board (DKBLE112) by Bluegiga, and the Bluegiga scripting language (BGScript) are used. Also, by utilizing Objective C language, Xcode (Apple Development Tool), and the iPhone 5s, an iOS App was developed that acts as the user interface between the iPhone and the Bluetooth Low Energy. This project is intended to be used in a larger project that will detect the stress level of a person.