Corporal punishment: an exploratory investigation of discipline techniques among Ghanaian families, alternative care providers, and school authorities

The purpose of this research was to examine the factors associated with corporal punishment in Ghanaian homes and schools. This exploratory research design uses two forms of data collection including questionnaires as well as semi-structured interviews to further investigate and show potential areas of intervention for policies and agencies working on reducing corporal punishment. It is also focus on studying the triggers of parents, teachers, and alternative care providers who use corporal punishment as a form of discipline. The survey was created by the researcher and using convenience sampling, 100 Ghanaian parents, teachers and or caregivers who live in the urban areas of Ghana were recruited to participate in this study. Of these, 46 participants completed the surveys. The survey data was coded with SPSS. These findings will help formulate policies, guide programs and projects which will aide in the development of new and alternative ways of disciplining children.