An exploration of South Africa's public health landscape: understanding the childhood malnutrition epidemic and intervention by the Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project via direct observation

Malnutrition is a concern facing the children of South Africa's townships that perpetuates due to multiple conjoining factors. Accordingly, understanding one component requires an understanding of them all. With the opportunity to observe a South African NGO first hand, Philani Child Health & Nutrition Project, this paper details current modes of intervention and strengths & weaknesses therein. The project is composed of: (1) Introduction (2) Current malnutrition landscape with review of literature; Philani discussed at this point (3) Project methodology, from inception to completion (4) Discussion of author's immersion into South Africa's health disparities (Appendix A) Memoir of author's experience identifying links between disease and rates of malnutrition proliferation (Appendix B) Author's photo journal as a Philani observer, providing a glimpse of living conditions and fragility of life. The objective is to expose the layers of malnutrition and its related health consequences, ultimately to spark innovation towards improved nutrition management.