Graduate project

Introspective course in creativity

Creativity is an intrinsic aspect of being human and having the resources to be able to express it freely within life is an essential priceless asset. Despite this innateness, humanity currently faces a difficulty in being able to access and express its creativity. Creativity is a continuous, permanent and transcendent way of living, creating the self from the self, a giving of form to the experience of our inner self. It is an introspective process and state of living that naturally births original ideas, unique insights, and valuable, self-satisfying everyday decisions. The Introspective Course in Creativity was formed in to facilitate direct experiences of the creative process on an individual basis, sharing how to authentically express uniqueness. Combining various researched-based exercises and activities that promote a creative state, named the Creative Gateways, correspondingly and uniquely the course immerses students into an array of states of awareness, from the ordinary reality of the conscious to the non-ordinary unconscious, with the belief that each have the potential for creativity to arise. It is within the course’s metacognitive framework that students learn how they become creative within each of the Creative Gateways or states of awareness and are able to draw upon their own personal experiences for further inspiration and guidance into a Creative State. This course can be taught within any educational institution, creativity center, community center or as a part of a retreat to enhance personal creativity. Creativity is needed now more than ever within our world to overcome and transcend challenges and obstacles but also as a pivotal means to carry humanity to reach their ultimate potential, living fulfilled within our purpose.