Youth treatment program new resident essentials-a grant proposal

Transitions Mental Health Youth Treatment Program (YTP) in San Luis Obispo, CA, is seeking a grant to ensure foster youth who are placed within YTP are equipped with basic health, hygiene, self-care, and school essentials. The purpose of this service is to help ease the transition into residential treatment, support foster youth in feeling comfortable in their new environment, and give them the confidence and reassurance that their basic needs are met. Additionally, the purpose is to equip foster youth with basic school essentials (school supplies, materials, and clothing) to prepare them as they start a new school and enter within a new community to increase the likelihood of developing new peer relationships. This service is based on research studies that focus on protective factors for foster youth. Studies show that youth who have developed healthy peer relationships, engage in youth development programs, and develop independent living skills have greater social, emotional, physical, and developmental health outcomes. Funding in the amount of $8,500 is requested to purchase the necessary materials for the basic needs baskets for up to 10 foster youth who enter into YTP.