Graduate project

Supporting Student Motivation and Literacy Development: A Curriculum and Instruction Planning Guide for Teachers

Educators know that supporting all learners' motivation and engagement is both a fulfilling and challenging process as students come with unique personalities, interests, experiences, strengths, and needs. This is particularly true at the middle level where students are developing rapidly and are charged with more significant responsibilities at school and home. Middle school teachers working to increase student motivation and foster meaningful literacy learning in their classrooms and schools can benefit from evidence-based guidance on optimally using the finite instructional time they have with students. The purpose of this project is to provide a curriculum and instruction planning guide to help middle level teachers plan and deliver motivating, evidence-based literacy curriculum and instruction, informed by self-determination theory (Deci et al., 1991). The guide was written with teachers’ own motivational needs in mind and aims to be a practical resource they can use, individually and collaboratively, to meet their teaching goals. It includes planning templates, recommendations, rationales, and links to resources.