The Power of Purposeful Recognition

To artfully capture the power of purposeful recognition is to capture the very quintessence of the human experience; it provides context to not only the outward dynamics of a community, but also to the internal emotional welfare of the constituents. Energy in the form of words and/or gestures is shared, received, transferred, and continuously repurposed in a beautiful exchange, and in doing so, serves to build as well as sustain a healthy organizational culture. Apply this ideology to an educational setting and the purpose behind this research is revealed. The idea that purposeful recognition can, and does, have a palpable impact on school culture and community; that it strengthens bonds between colleagues, cultivates improved self-worth as well as well-being, and ultimately serves to enhance overall morale and productivity of teachers, staff, and administration. Purposeful recognition is at the very core of a truly thriving school culture; it is in no uncertain terms the very heartbeat which supplies the lifeblood of the organization; it is the foundational belief that trust must be cultivated with care and used in wholehearted, authentic exchanges of gratitude. The confirmed belief that purposeful recognition does indeed possess the uncanny power to both inspire as well as sustain a stable school culture is at the heart of this research. Indeed, viewed in its entirety, this cause and effect dynamic between purposeful recognition practices and the formation of a healthy school community come together to contribute to the field of education; to not only provide proven research on the topic, but to also offer a site specific as well as educationally based example of the power of purposeful recognition on school culture.