Masters Thesis

Experiences of Latino families participating in psycho-education at First Episode Psychosis Program

Psychotic disorders can be debilitating for clients, creating a dependency on family for financial and emotional support. Latino clients suffering from psychotic disorders may experience stigma from family members, resulting in family relationship issues, as well as isolation of the diagnosed family member. Psycho-education can be of great support for Latino families as well as an important intervention for the client’s treatment. This study utilized qualitative methods to explore the experience of Latino families who have participated in psycho-education services through a first episode psychosis program. The data obtained from participants support reduction of stigma, as well as change in views of psychotic disorders. All participants report positive changes in interfamily relationships, and having more knowledge about client’s diagnosis. However, participants reported knowledge but had difficulties naming the symptoms or diagnosis of their loved ones. Psycho-education provided through family therapy was the method most utilized by participants and little to no participation was reported for multi-family groups.