Measuring sex-role preference in preschool children using standard "IT" and experimental alterations of the "IT" figure

The purpose of this study was to measure the sex role preference of preschool children with the IT Scale (Brown 1956) and two variations of the IT Scale: one variation using a Blank Card for the "IT" figure (Fling and Manosevitz 1972) and a You are IT (Fling and Manosevitz 1972) version of the same test. The study used two male and two female examiners to test the nineteen male and twenty-five female subjects. The sample was divided into four groups. Each subject was given the standard IT Scale and one-half of' the sample was given the Blank Card for IT; the other half, the You are IT variation. The study demonstrated that the standard IT Scale figure has a masculine bias. The male role seems to be the preferred one for both male and female subjects, using the standard IT Scale. It was further found that the sex of the examiner was not significant in the choices made by the subjects. The subjects' scores on both the Blank Card and the You are IT version were more sex-typed than on the standard IT Scale.